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Student services and support programs

Learning Support  

Eight Mile Plains has a team approach to intervention and the Learning Support Teacher is part of the team.

The aims of Learning Support are:

  • To support teaching staff to enable them to meet student support needs more effectively.

  • To identify and deliver the additional support and resources required for students with learning difficulties to achieve their potential.

We have developed a variety of programs throughout the school that will give children the support they need. Some of the programs that Eight Mile Plains provides include.

  • Year 2 Net Literacy and Numeracy Intervention.

  • In class literacy and numeracy support.

  • Small group literacy and numeracy support with the Learning Support Teacher and/or Teacher Aide.

Students with learning difficulties are identified and with parental permission are referred to the Special Needs Committee. The Special Needs Committee considers the information and recommends a course of action to enable all children to access the curriculum and experience success.


The chaplaincy service here at Eight Mile Plains State School is a recipient of the National Schools Chaplaincy program from the Federal Government.  It is a service that seeks to offer support to the students in a variety of ways.  It is the goal of this chaplaincy service to help students to reach high school as healthy as possible and having had a positive primary school experience.  The service is not just here for students but we would encourage families related to the school to talk to the chaplain if they feel that they have a need that we may be able to help with (there are a wide variety of agencies that use chaplains as a way of connecting with people who are in need).

My name is Stephanie Smith and I am the chaplain here at Eight Mile Plains State School.  I very much appreciate being a part of the staff here at Eight Mile Plains, a staff that are very student focussed, all the way from the cleaners, to the teacher aides, and on through to the principal.

Some of the programs that are being run by chaplaincy here at Eight Mile Plains State School include: our Breakfast Club; a local kindergarten leadership program; frequent lunchtime activities; one on one pastoral care; social skills groups and more. Alongside these programs there are numerous one off events, and opportunities that chaplaincy helps to make as positive as it can.

Chaplaincy is both supported by and supportive of our school P & C, a wonderful group of dedicated people who help to make a big difference in our children’s school experience.

As has been noted above, this chaplaincy service is partially funded by the Federal Government, but without the support of interested members of the community it would not exist. Without people giving generously of their time, money and expertise chaplaincy would not be in as many schools nor be anywhere near as effective as it currently is. If you would like to be a part of chaplaincy here at Eight Mile Plains State School, whether that is by volunteering, donating or simply knowing enough to spread the word, please contact the school office on (07) 3340 6333 and as to speak to the chaplain. If I am not available at the time I will endeavour to contact you as soon as possible.

Chaplaincy is a voluntary service, and anything of a religious nature or any ongoing meetings requires an individual parent permission form.  If you would like your child to spend time in ongoing one on one meetings with the chaplain, please fill in the form below, and we will attempt to organise an appropriate time to address your concerns.

Chaplaincy Permission Form


Date: ____________________


I give permission for my child _____________________ to continue to meet with the school chaplain.


Parent / Caregiver Signature: ______________________


For any queries, please contact Piers through the school office.