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What is a P&C Association?

A Parents and Citizens’ Association (P&C) is a group of community minded people, parents and citizens, who take on a more formal role to assist the school in providing:
  • feedback on school policies and activities
  • additional resources to be used to enhance student learning
  • parents with opportunities to be involved in their child’s education.
Research has shown that parent involvement in a child’s education makes a significant contribution to the child’s success at school.

P&C Associations: A vital link within the school community

The P&C Association provides a vital service to the school community. The valuable role the P&C plays within the school community and the role and of its Executive and members should not be understated. We encourage you to be an active P&C member and member of the school community by understanding the role of the P&C Association, and the information provided in this guide and the other previously mentioned documents. The P&C should be a genuine partner in the school’s life, working as one with the school and the wider community to achieve the best possible outcomes for all students of the school.
P&C Associations have two mandatory documents to follow, The P&C Constitution and the Accounting Manual for P&C Associations both provided by The Department of Education, Training and Employment. This manual is provided by P&Cs Qld as an additional tool. The P&C is a statutory body established under the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006 to provide the necessary link between the parents, caregivers, community member’s school and students.
The principal is the site manager and the Minister’s representative. The P&C Association is there to work with the principal and the school community in a productive partnership to achieve the best possible outcomes for students of the institution. The principal will ask the P&C Association to endorse various documents during the course of the year. It is not the role of the P&C to interfere in the daily running of the school, which is the role of the principal. The principal’s supervisor is the DETE Assistant Regional Director.
This guide has been compiled by P&Cs Qld to assist school communities and P&C Association Executive committees to manage their activities efficiently and within current legislative requirements. Along with the information provided in this guide, the P&C Association should keep a copy of their current approved constitution, the Accounting Manual, Operating Guidelines for subcommittees and policies the P&C may have adopted for their own school situation. This then makes one handy reference guide for the P&C Executive and can be passed on from one executive to the next.
P&Cs Qld hopes this guide will reaffirm the things your P&C is doing well and help with areas where your P&C may need assistance. This guide is designed to be a living document. Information provided may change and for this reason we will include links to documents that will be updated when necessary, thus providing you with the most up to date materials available at any given time.
Joining the P&C Association is a great way to keep informed, to contribute to the quality education of your children and to make new friends. Your contribution can be as large or small as you can manage, but your ongoing support of the P&C Association is invaluable.
Not only will you be supporting the school community but you will be supported by the school community. You can learn new skills, and gain a clear understanding of how the school operates. This is a great opportunity to share in the school’s decision-making process and shape the future.
If you are part of your P&C’s executive team at your school, it is important to be familiar with the role you have taken on. There is a lot of information and assistance available, but you must know where to look. Sometimes this can be difficult. This booklet aims to give you guidance that will allow you to perform your role in an informed way and to quickly find the information and support you will need. This guide will give you an expanded view of your role. This booklet is a resource tool to be used to enhance the P&C operations within the school community.
The major elements of a school community include:-
  • The P&C Association and Members
  • The School Principal
  • The School Staff
  • The Students
  • The Parents (including caregivers, guardians, grandparents etc.)
  • The wider local community
  • Local businesses and organisations
The work you do is appreciated, needed and fundamental to the development of a successful school community.
  • Enjoy every step of your P&C journey and Take the time to celebrate your successes.
  • Value everyone’s contribution!
  • Say “No” if you need to!
  • Meet new people and have some fun!